A Choice We All Have


Some people always have purpose in life.

Others live aimlessly.

Some search to find some reasons to live,

others will fail to see.


Every day’s new breath can stimulate thoughts,

expose some that never see more.

Some always eager, can’t wait to see what

in the world that waits outside the door.


A choice we all have. He gave us free will

to choose to contribute our best.

Begin every day, pushing Satan away.

Allow Him to help with the rest.


A Miracle is Waiting


A miracle was waiting

and I kept passing by.

Instead of moving straight ahead,

I just kept asking why.


I traveled back, then forward,

not gaining any ground.

Was lost in all my circling.

Was deaf amidst the sound.


If I had stopped to listen,

to hear what Jesus said.

“You need to keep Me in your heart

and not just in your head”.


Don’t miss your daily blessings.

Don’t always question why.

When you don’t stop and listen,

those miracles you’ll pass by.