I am retired and still wish to make a difference in this world.  Having written and published several small books, it is my desire to share them.  My hope is that the reader is inspired, encouraged and prompted to think about himself/herself and take actions toward self improvement. A key result I have in mind is to stimulate your thoughts and cause you to act and encourage others.  May you decide to love others in such a way that you will change lives that otherwise would never change.


My greatest encouragement comes from my wife, Carol Patrick.  She received her Doctorate in Educational Leadership from the University of Ky. and is a professor at Eastern KY. University where she teaches Child and Family Studies. Music has always been a part of Carol's life experiences.  This site also includes inspirational songs performed by Carol and Some friends with whom she sang over the years.



"More Than Amazing

Lyrics by Ken Patrick

Music written and performed by Eric Copeland

Track 1
(Unknown album (7_23_2011 4_06_)



Congestive Smart Failure – when you fail or refuse to consider

 that someone else may have a better answer or solution than you.


Arrogance and ignorance can end up in the same soup line.


Equip yourself – (know your subject, know your audience) a foot doctor cannot effectively teach brain surgery to a plumber.


Have you ever been in a situation where it appears stupidity is an epidemic?


Those who “know it all” limit their own successes.


When things get out of control, you must over control until they get under control.


Apathy co-exists with tolerance and allows the existence of repetitive problems.